Disease Models Disease Models

Inflammatory Diseases

Disease Models

Pharmaseed offers a unique battery of pre-clinical services that enable customers to screen potential anti-inflammatory agents as well as identify novel therapeutic targets. Screening of compounds can be performed in existing well-characterized animal models as well as in newly developed animal models tailored to a specific tested item.

Our expanded battery of models includes studies of inflammation and inflammatory pathways, including in vivo models of inflammation and autoimmune diseases, as well as complementary in vitro and ex vivo work.


These include:



  1. Experimental autoimmune encephalomyelitis (MOG/PLP/Spinal Cord Homogenate )
  2. Viral Induced

Bowel Disease Models (IBD models)

  1. Crohn’s/Colitis (DSS/TNBS/ T-cell mediated)

Rheumatoid and Osteoarthritis Models

  1. Arthritis Model (Collagen/CFA-Induced)
  2. Osteoarthritis Model

Orthopedic models

  1. Anterior cruciate ligament (ACL)
  2. Medial meniscal tear (MMT)
  3. Osteoporosis (ovariectomized rats)

Vascular system

  1. Phlebitis (Vinorelbine tartrate)


  1. Psoriasis (Imiquimod-induced in-vivo model and ex-vivo human explant evaluations)
  2. Itch model (Substance P/ capsaicin)

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