Pain models Pain models


Pain models

Pharmaseed offers a battery of comprehensive in-vivo and in-vitro models to establish proof-of-concept for potential assessment and treatment for a range of pain-related conditions. We provide essential information about efficacy and safety of any tested compound or technology.

With a broad array of assessment tools at our disposal, Pharmaseed provides the most cost-effective and fast onset of pre-clinical in-vivo and in-vitro services, at the highest standards of quality and accuracy.


Example  of Available Models


Neuropathic pain

    • Spinal nerve ligation (Chung Model)
    • Sciatic nerve ligation (CCI/Bennet model)
    • Sciatic nerve inflammation (Neuritis)


Acute pain

    • Post-operative pain
    • Formalin/Capsaicin Test

Chronic/inflammatory pain (CFA/Carageneen)



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