In vivo models In vivo models

In-vivo models

In-vivo models

In-vivo models

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Pharmaseed is Israel’s largest GLP-certified pre-clinical CRO specializing in translational and regenerative studies, offering a selection of in-vivo models to suit your research needs.


We provide:


A vast array of study types , such as safety, efficacy, toxicity, PK/ADME. 


Various Animal species


A selection of in-vivo models, such as CNSDiabetesSexual dysfunctionStem cells/RegenerativeCancerIschemic models, InflammationInfectious diseases and Dermatology.


Pharmaseed’s experienced team of scientists will be happy to tailor the study that suits your needs.


Our global network of partners enables us to provide you with any type of model, species or study you have in mind.

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