In-vitro models In-vitro models

In-vitro models

In-vitro models

In-vitro models

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Pharmaseed in-vitro models services

Pharmaseed is Israel’s largest GLP-certified pre-clinical CRO specializing in transnational and regenerative studies, offering a selection of in-vitro models to suit your research needs.


In-Vitro unit

Pharmaseed runs an in-house, fully equipped in-vitro models lab, that offers cell culture capabilities, BL-2 labs, and related services and assays.

The presence of an in vitro lab and an in vivo lab under one roof allows us to provide a full range of services, in highly competitive prices!


Cancer Cell lines

The In-vitro tissue culture unit routinely cultures various cancer cell lines.

We offer dose response experiments, testing different Test Items, and other specialized experimental protocols.


Primary cells

Human or mouse? Liver or skin? Name your species, name your organ – Pharmaseed will culture it for you

Isolation and culture of primary cells, from various organs and Species.


Stem Cells

We specialize in Isolation of murine and human stem cells

Differentiation and maturation protocols are available upon request

We provide viability and purity testing, as well as flow cytometry (FACS) analysis for requested markers.


Cell therapy

Pharmaseed’s in-vivo and in-vitro labs have extensive knowledge and experience, working jointly on cell therapy studies.

At Pharmaseed, you get the best of all worlds:

The In-vitro unit will receive your cells of choice and provide the proper care.

The cells will be then introduced to the appropriate animal model by the in-vivo unit, which will be responsible for further experimental procedure.


Safety: Cytotoxicity Assays –  Cell Viability Assays

Pharmaseed offers cytotoxicity / cell viability assays, such as XTT, MTT and LDH kit.

Evaluation of the test item’s effect on proliferation or cell death.

An array of cell lines and/or primary cells is available for the evaluation of the test item.

Determination of EC50/IC50 values – enables the comparison to other cell culture models or materials


Safety:  Cytotoxicity of Medical device

Cytotoxicity assays are also available for the evaluation of medical devices’ safety.

The medical device is immersed in both polar and non-polar solvents. A live cell culture is exposed to the extract, and the possible toxicity of the medical device is then evaluated using a cytotoxicity assay.

All assays are ISO-10993 compliant.


Cytokines and markers measurements

Cytokines and cellular markers measurements are done in induced/treated cells, plasma or organs

ELISA and other antibody–mediated assays are available


Viral infection and propagation

Pharmaseed’s in house In-vitro BL2 unit provides the appropriate environment for all your BL-2 needs:

Viral propagation for cytotoxicity assays, IC50, and any other experimental purpose.


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