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Pharmaseed’s histology unit is aimed at providing expert and cost effective histology and pathology services to our clients, in a complementary or stand-alone service setting.

The strength of our histology unit is in our understanding of the experimental design of pre-clinical efficacy or safety studies.

We have extensive experience in the development and implementation of different investigational methodologies utilizing a large array of techniques, including “free floating sections” as a modern method.

Recently we have engaged in a collaboration with AIRA Matrix, an India-based artificial intelligence (AI) company with extensive capabilities in the development of AI-based quantification of histological parameters in disease models. AIRA Matrix will provide AI-based image analysis solutions for quantification of disease-related histological attributes and help extend our capabilities with in-vivo models. This will ensure our sponsors faster turnaround on results with enhanced accuracy and precision.

Prof. Abraham Nyska (DVM, Dipl. ECVP, Fellow IATP), a renowned expert in toxicologic pathology, will guide this collaboration and apply AIRA Matrix’s deep learning based solution integrated with the Augmentiqs digital pathology platform.


We provide researchers with valuable input at the early planning phase of a study, or carry out histology and pathology analysis at any stage of a project, customized to your needs.

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