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Stroke Models

Preclinical Stroke Models


Pharmaseed team has a proven expertise in conducting stroke preclinical studies. Our comprehensive program includes a focus on neuroprotection, angiogenesis, pre-conditioning and rehabilitation.

We have  a wide variety of stroke capabilities that enable the evaluation of primary and secondary outcomes through a number of induction options.

We provide guidance regarding which models (species, transient or permanent ischemic stroke models) would be the most appropriate for your technology.

Here are a few examples of our capabilities. If the model you need is not presented here, do not hesitate to contact us to learn how we can tailored our program to your specific  R&D needs.


Our Translational Stroke Models


Our ischemic stroke models include well-established models such as focal cerebral ischemia, a widely used stroke injury model to mimic the pathophysiology of human stroke. Focal cerebral ischemia is induced via  middle cerebral artery occlusions. These occlusions can be transient (reperfusion of the ischemic tissue) or permanent (no reperfusion).


  • Embolic and Mechanical Induction
  • Permanent and Transient Occlusions (middle cerebral artery occlusions)
  • Local or Distal embolizations


We provide stroke models for the following species

  • Rat
  • Mouse
  • Rabbit


Stroke Injury Evaluation Capabilities

The evaluation of stroke-induced injuries includes:

    • behavioral tests
    • cerebral blood-flow and vessels imaging (trans cranial laser doppler)
    • infarct size measurement (MRI)
    • Brain hemorrhage and edema assessment
    • Brain barrier Integrity
    • Histology.


Our capabilities allow us to focus on neurodegeneration/neuroprotection, angiogenesis, pre-conditioning and rehabilitation.

Trans-cranial laser Doppler – analysis of cortical blood flow



Morphological assessment


Cerebral Imaging and Histology

Available histology analyses:

  • Neuroinflammation assesments (NeuN, Iba1, Mac2)
  • Astrocytes distribution marker (GFAP)
  • Post-stroke angiogenesis (CD34, in mouse)
  • Neo-angiogenesis evaluation (SMA, in rat)
  • Neurogenesis (BrdU)
  • Synaptic plasticity ( synaptophysin)
  • Trophic factors (BDNF)



Stroke Behavioral Tests:


  • Adhesive removal test
  • Staircase skilled reaching
  • Stepping test
  • Neurological score
  • Forelimb placing test
  • Cylinder test
  • Body Swing test
  • Beam walking test
  • Rota-Rod test
  • Water maze
  • Radial maze
  • Social Recognition test
  • Object Recognition test




Neurological score assessment in Pharmaseed laboratory

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