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Cell Therapy

Cell Therapy

Cell based therapy and in particular stem cells, is currently one of the fastest growing fields in regenerative medicine. Recent advancement in stem cell technology enables the cultivation and manipulation of stem cells from various origins into a specialized function with characteristics that are on par with cells of various tissues and organs. The enormous potential of this technology puts it the forefront of numerous preclinical research programs. Pharmaseed is a leading CRO in supporting sophisticated pre-clinical models bringing stem cell therapy from bench to clinic.


Our Added Value

Pharmaseed’s vast experience in this field enables companies to benefit from a team of skilled scientists that are able to provide additional perspectives on the relevant models and regulatory processes necessary to reach IND.

We provide services in a broad array of intractable human diseases, including chronic CNS diseases, such as Alzheimer’s disease and Parkinson’s disease as well as cancer research involving angiogenesis and anti-angiogenesis treatment methods.


Various Indications:


Pharmaseed’s services include proof of concept of stem cell technology in different animal models and a battery of complementary services for testing stem cells effectiveness on oncology, inflammatory, ischemic and neurodegenerative diseases.



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