CNS disorders

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CNS disorders

Pharmaseed offers extensive CNS disease know-how and research services  allowing a complete  investigation of pharmacokinetics and pharmacodynamics of a drug  in-vivo and a set of behavioural and analytical tests.



Our Added Value

Pharmaseed offers an array of translational in vitro and in vivo models to establish proof-of-concept for potential treatments of CNS diseases. We provide essential information about the CNS efficacy and safety of any tested compound or technology for the determination of predicted CNS activity utilizing a battery of cognitive and neurological tests performed in a state-of-the-art and fully computerized behavioral laboratory.

With a broad array of tools at our disposal, including neurological, surgical and physiological models, biochemical assays, behavioral testing and preclinical neurotoxicological assays, Pharmaseed provides the most cost and time-effective pre-clinical services, with the highest standards of quality and accuracy. This provides our sponsors with significant information about primary and secondary outcomes, assisting them in planning the first-in-man stage.

These include various treatment indications:



  • Parkinson’s disease (6-hydroxidopanine, MPTP)
  • Vascular dementia
  • Hippocampal neurodegeneration (Kainic acid)
  • Epilepsy (Pilocarpine, Kainic acid, Pentylenetetrazol (PTZ))
  • Spinal cord and traumatic brain injuries (Close/Open head)
  • Ototoxicity (cisplatin)
  • Itch model (Substance P/ capsaicin)
  • Complementary ex-vivo models – organotypic brain slices


  • Schizophrenia (Amphetamine, Ketamine, Apomorphine, PCP)
  • PTSD (corticosterone)
  • Autism (Poly IC)
  • Depression testing (Force swimming, Tail suspension)
  • Anxiety testing (open field, elevated maze)


Pain Models

  • Neuropathic pain
    1. Spinal nerve ligation (Chung Model)
    2. Sciatic nerve ligation (CCI/Bennet model)
    3. Sciatic nerve inflammation (Neuritis)
  • Acute pain
    1. Post-operative pain
    2. Formalin/Capsaicin Test
  • Chronic/inflammatory pain (CFA/Carageneen)

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