Pharmaseed in Parkinson's Disease

Pharmaseed in Parkinson’s Disease

Pharmaseed in Parkinson’s Disease

We are thrilled to announce that Pharmaseed was at the core basis of a treatment used during a successful phase IIb trial for Parkinson’s Disease led by Pharma Two B.

” Real translation is not just a phrase or a declaration”

This success confirm and reinforce our track record in translational research. Based on an invention by I. Lamensdorf and Y. Sela, a suitable pharmaceutical carrier and a fixed dose combination of two active agents were developed in our company.
The combination of the two agents was challenged on our Parkinson’s Disease animal pre-clinical model, within Pharmaseed facilities. Beyond pre-clinical testing, translational research implies that our experts balanced-out regulatory, intellectual property along with clinical needs.


We warmly congratulate Pharma Two B, and we hope that this new treatment will help Parkinson’s Disease patients.



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