Complementary ischemic models Complementary ischemic models

Ischemic models

Complementary ischemic models

Ex-ovo computerized HET-CAM assay


The HET CAM model is an advanced ex-vivo angiogenesis evaluation tool.

Pro and anti-angiogenesis products can be evaluated within days at minimal costs.


Pharmaseed uses a computerized

analysis, which can quantify:


  • Vessel length
  • Skeleton area
  • No. of branch points
  • No. of endpoints
  • Total vessel area




Endothelial Tube Formation assay


HUVEC-C cells were incubated at 37C and tube formation was observed for a period of 20h. Medium with and without Endothelial Cell Growth Supplement (ECGS) was used as positive control or negative control respectively.



Modified corneal pocket  model

Measurement of angiogenesis utilizing the experimental corneal angiogenesis rabbit model.


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