In-vivo models


It’s not enough to say that your product has a health benefit – you have to prove it!


The global nutraceutical industry is estimated at about $207 billion however close $171 billion were negotiated in settlements over the last 10 years in the US alone.


The products must practice as they preach and we’re here to help. We harness our decade-long pre-clinical experience to provide your product with the necessary proof-of-concept to ensure a fast and economical clinical proof stage towards product manufacturing.


Nutraceutical regulations state that:

  • “›Applications for authorization of health claims should adequately and sufficiently demonstrate that the health claim is based on and substantiated by generally accepted scientific evidence, by taking into account the totality of the available scientific data and by weighing the evidence.”
  • “Animal model studies, ex-vivo or in-vitro data may be provided as supporting knowledge base for the relationship between the food or food constituent and the health effect.”


Multiple Layers of Activity

  • ›Patent protection
  • ›Regulatory guidance and execution
  • ›Supportive marketing planning
  • ›Increasing value by maneuvering from food supplement to botanical drug



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