Ischemia Evaluations

Diabetes Mouse/Rat Models

Ischemia Evaluations

Limb functional score of db-db mice following HLI injury

As impaired leg blood flow (LBF) is one of the severe complications of diabetes, db/db diabetic mice were used in this study to test the efficacy under severe diabetes conditions

The rehabilitation and angiogenetic potential of the tested compound was studied in the mouse model of chronic hind-limb ischemia evaluations.

Ischemia Evaluations testing

Significant improvement in blood flow was observed in animal groups treated with Tx1 and Tx2, compared to vehicle treated control as well as animals treated with dermal fibroblasts



Ischemia Evaluations efficacy

Examination of the limb functional data along the study revealed that the Tx1 compound dose exhibited the best performance, followed by the Tx4

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