Cannabis-based Medicine Cannabis-based Medicine

In-vivo models

Cannabis-based Medicine

Cannabis-based drug development

Pharmaseed guides you through your cannabis-based drug development. Our long experience, enable us to understand the specificity of your technology, find the most appropriate animal models that will translate into clinical indication.

  • We do animal studies for a variety of indications: post-operative pain, epilepsy, multiple sclerosis, glaucoma, anxiety-PTSD, Parkinson’s disease,  rheumatoid arthritis, cachexia, nausea-vomiting cancer, post-operative pain…
  • For these clinical indications, we can test the mode of administration, the dose, frequency, duration and timing.
  • We also perform pharmacology and formulation studies.


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Monetizing medical cannabis

To ensure a successful cannabis-derived drug development, IP rights counseling, regulatory knowledge and pre-clinical expertise are indispensable. Discover how Dr Eyal Bressler and co and Pharmaseed Ltd can help you monetize your drug development program.


Monetizing medical cannabis from Pharmaseed Ltd

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