Orthotopic Transplantation Orthotopic Transplantation

Immuno-oncology and general cancer models

Orthotopic Transplantation

Pharmaseed offers extensive experience in clinically relevant models by the use of orthotopic transplantation of tumor material in rodents. It has been shown that the transplantation of tumor material from a variety of tumor types into the appropriate anatomical site has considerable translational benefit since often these tumors will metastasize in a similar manner and to similar locations as the same tumor type will in human cancer.


Pancreas Model

Evaluation of tumor inhibition by measurements of pancreas tumor weight following repeated IP administrations of test items and vehicle for 14 days in a pancreatic cancer mouse model.

Orthotopic Transplantation cro


Tumors’ weights and the number of surviving mice in the different groups.


Intra-parenchymal –  Glioblastoma

Orthotropic Transplantation efficacy

Cells were implanted at 4×106.

Mice were treated on day 13 post implant, intravenously, 3 times for 3 weeks with paclitaxel. Control groups were treated with Dextrose 5%.

Tumors were measured twice a week till day 40.

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