In-vivo models

Pre-Clinical Cancer Models: Orthotopic and Heterotopic

Pharmaseed offers a range of preclinical cancer models (subcutaneous tumor xenografts, orthotopic tumor models, isogenic cell lines, etc.). Tumor modeling in-vivo for the study of cancer growth and metastasis are characterized by inoculation of cancer cells in immunosuppressed murines.

The two most used models for the assessment of potential efficacy of tested technology are the xenograft and the orthotopic models. In combination with in-vitro systems, such as angiogenesis and ex-vivo models, such as the HET-CAM, allow the prediction of response can be fully evaluated.


Cancer  pharmacology


Pharmaseed offers a variety  of anti-cancer drug-discovery and development services including screening of compound efficacy in a battery of in vitro assays and in vivo models.


These models include (among others):







  • Leukemia and Lymphoma cancer models



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