Diabetes and sexual dysfunction therapy

Diabetes and sexual dysfunction therapy

Diabetes and sexual dysfunction therapy

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 Diabetes affects 422 million people worlwide, and is the leading cause of 1.5 million deaths in 2012. For that same year, cardiovascular and other vascular diseases caused by chronic hyperglycaemia led to the death of 2.2 million people. 43% of these deaths occurred before the age of 70 (WHO, global report on diabetes, 2016).


Diabetes neurological and vascular diseases complications can lead to higher risks of heart attack, stroke, leg amputation, kidney failure, hearing and vision impairment, and erectile dysfunction.


Because of diabetes damages on peripheral nerves and small blood vessels, erectile dysfunction (ED) is a common consequence of this chronic disease. In particular, alterations of the penile endothelial tissue  are a main cause of diabetes-linked ED physiopathology. Chronic hyperglycaemia leads over time to an accumulation of oxidative stress products and AGEs, which in turn induces vascular endothelial molecular alterations (eNOS/NO impairment, protein oxidation, apoptosis) and subsequent functional dysfunctions (Castela and Costa, Nature Reviews Urology, 2016).

Men who have diabetes  are 2 to 3 times more likely to experience sexual dysfunction than healthy men (NIDDK). Drug treatments available are based on Phosphodiesterase5 inhibition. Alternative drug based on enhancing the activity of the A3 adenosine receptor is also being developed.

Can-Fite Announces New Pre-Clinical Data for CF602 Demonstrating Statistically Significant Full Recovery from Erectile Dysfunction After a Single Dose

There is a significant segment of the erectile dysfunction market that is not addressed by PDE5 inhibitors, the class of drugs that are widely used in the market today. Due to CF602’s novel mechanism of action, it may provide benefits for patients who do not respond to PDE5 inhibitors, or cannot take PDE5 inhibitors due to contraindications.


We have developed a comprehensive preclinical program to test  sexual dysfunction technologies from early stage R&D to first-in-man:

-In vitro screening of erectile dysfunction: determination of NO, hormones levels.
-In vivo measurements: vasoactivity level measurement
-In vivo models: induced ED in diabetic or hypertensive animals

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