Parkinson’s disease (6-OHDA, MPTP) Parkinson’s disease (6-OHDA, MPTP)

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Parkinson’s disease (6-OHDA, MPTP)

Parkinson’s Disease  models: 6-hydroxidopanine and MPTP Model


Pharmaseed as a unique track record and a proven experience in Parkinson’s disease preclinical studies.

We provide 6-OHDA and MPTP Parkinson’s disease models. In particular, we have established new model for preclinical aging research which better mimic the human disease. Our new model called Not Young But Relevant, integrate the major known risk factors for Parkinson’s disease: aging, inflammation, toxins, genetic, western diet. To learn more about these new models, please visit: Not Young But Relevant



Contra-lateral rotation intensity following apomorphine administration, 29 days after Parkinson’s disease (PD) induction.


Additional Behavioral Tests:


  • Rotarod
  • Open field
  • Objective recognition test
  • Passive avoidance test
  • Cylinder test
  • Adhesive removal test


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